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acid reflux disease

Monday, November 16, 2015

TV , press and political parties to learn

[5:59pm, 15/11/2015] ‪+91 99104 55006‬: There is a lot for our TV , press and political parties to learn from the unfortunate barberic events in Paris. No blame game , no dead bodies shown , no speculation , no live telecast of affected sites and no interview with victims families and or statement by opposition parties. That is a responsible media !! Wow. Share if you agree with your comments.
[6:02pm, 15/11/2015] ‪+91 99104 55006‬: Also, no live  telecast of security agencies action and plans. In contrast, during Mumbai operations live telecast of security agencies actions were helping terrorists via Pakistan. Most of our media is aligned to some party or group and is serving their interests. And its own TRP.
There is general degradation of values and media is part of it. But media has far reaching effect hence its degradation is creating severe damage to the society.
Brig. M. Kumar

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